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No matter where you’re headed, our long-lasting trailers can take you there. Contact us today at TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS OF ARIZONA to learn more about our services.
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Take The Extra Mile For Your Hauls With Heavy-Duty Trailers!

Make safe hauls and deliveries with our powerful trailers at TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS OF ARIZONA. We are the only authorized dealer of Texas Pride trailers in Arizona.

The Beefiest Trailers In The Industry

For more than four years, our dealership company has been selling factory direct outlet and retail trailers. We also have a collection of trailer parts and accessories in our inventory. Our trailer vehicles include the following:

Dump Trailers

We provide Texas Pride dump trailers, some of the toughest in the industry. These trailers are heavy, sturdy, and built like tanks. With this incredible quality, you can be sure that you’ll have an effective trailer that will last for years.

Roll-Off Trailers

Roll-off trailers have the same functions as dump trailers but feature multiple bins. This lets you organize your goods for different locations. So instead of driving two or more dump trailers, you can save money and reduce costs by using a roll-off trailer.

Hotshot Trailers

Our hotshot trailers can be loaded with construction equipment, heavy machinery, farm materials, or other time-sensitive materials. With these powerful vehicles, you can have hauls and trips ranging from short, local distances to cross-country if necessary.

Build Your Ideal Trailer!

We also offer custom services at competitive rates. This way, you can have a trailer designed to your specific needs. Our team serves construction contractors and landscaping businesses in Arizona, Western California, and Eastern New Mexico.